The DealerHub


Application Search

The search bar in the Dealer Hub allows you to locate a customer’s application quickly and easily by simply typing in the customer’s surname or by using their vehicle registration number. A simple feature but one that eliminates the time consuming process of scrolling through numerous applications.


Application History

The Application History tool is a useful resource, giving dealers the ability to sort through all of the past applications in most recent order.


Commission Calculator

One of our more popular tools, the Commission Calculator is able to show dealers the exact amount of commission they stand to earn on every single deal. This is done by adjusting the term, rate and loan amount to suit the application.


New Applications

Located in the tools section, this gives dealers the ability to quickly submit new finance applications. The Dealerplus team receives this application instantly; it will then be dealt with quickly and efficiently, allowing you to close more deals in a shorter period of time.


Proposal Form

Found on the customer’s application page, the print button allows you to print off all of the applicants’ details. This allows dealers to save a copy of your customers finance application to put into your customer records. We provide instant prime lending decisions and non-prime decisions typically arrive in under an hour.


Loan Quotation

Found in the tools section, this allows dealers to get a quick quotation either for a customer enquiry before application stage or for use of advertisement purposes.