Personal Contract Purchase

Personal Contract Purchase agreements (PCP) offer your customers complete flexibility, allowing you to tailor the repayments to suit your customer's budget.

PCP is similar to a Hire Purchase contract but instead of paying off the entire value of the car in monthly installments, your customers defer the expected 'future value' of the car until the end of the agreement. The customer therefore only pays a portion of the borrowing.

This has the benefit of reducing the customer's monthly repayments meaning they can often afford to purchase a higher value or newer vehicle than they first expected.

Dealerplus have partnered with several leading independent PCP providers and can offer our dealers and customers the following benefits compared to a manufacturer scheme:

  • Low rates and campaign PCPs
  • 24 to 60 month PCP agreements
  • Multiple PCP providers with easy online comparison
  • Brand specific PCP campaigns to complement your manufacturer offers
  • Market leading residual values
  • Brand specific residual value analysis
  • Up to 115% of retail value
  • Up to 5 year old cars at inception
  • Upfront, Spread and No Fees PCP options
  • Transparent commission scales
  • Point of Sale quotation literature
  • Online proposal submission, tracking and documentation 24/7